Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 protocols

Dear Esteemed Friends and Clients,
It looks like things are continuing to change for the better and, as a consequence, we are adjusting our protocols and working in a more relaxed environment.

At this time we are offering all the services we are comfortable offering. If you don’t see it on our online booking we likely do not offer the service.

We are accepting up to two clients at a time provided these clients have back to back appointments as well as a single client with a single guest companion.

At this time face masks are optional. We respect your decision either way. For cleanliness of your procedure your piercer will wear a face mask while piercing you.

Appointment times have been shortened slightly so we can accommodate a few more appointments daily.

Finally, we would like to continually extend heartfelt thanks to everyone for your patience, support and trust over the past year and look forward to continuing to provide you with clean, safe, fun and personalized body piercing experiences.

Please feel free to email or message us with any specific questions about any of the above or any questions about piercings in general.

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