My name is Eduardo Chavarria. Most people call me Ed.

I am a Salvadoran, first in my family to be born in the United States and a very proud son of immigrants. 

My entire life I have been good with my hands and fortunate enough to find a career using them for something I love: body piercing.

I have been piercing since January 4, 2001.  Over the past nineteen years, I have worked at many of the nation’s best studios. 

I began in Texas and over the years I have worked across the U.S. until seven years ago when I settled in Pennsylvania and found home.

I have been an Association of Professional Piercers (APP) member in good standing for over a decade as well an educator for the APP and for other piercing organizations. I am also a former board member to the APP and currently sit on a committee that helps organize its yearly conference.

I am excited to be taking the next big step in my career, opening my own studio:

Safe Harbor Body Adornment, LLC.

I look forward to meeting your body adornment needs and to providing you with a personalized, protective, comfortable and connective experience. 

Thanks for visiting this page.

Eduardo Chavarria

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